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Rave Reviews

"Lisa is incredibly empathetic and kind. She skillfully figures out how to help you get down to the root cause of your overeating by asking intelligent questions and not accepting fluff answers. Lisa will be there for you on everystep of your journey if you are prepared to ask for help and use her as the great resource she is”, Catherine, Teacher.

I have never experienced the level and support and care I do with Lisa and her groups. I feel supported every step of the way. I also feel like I have broken through barriers and really figured out my negative destructive patterns that have gotten me nowhere. I have learned new patterns that will help me reach my goals long term. Shayla, Sales.

“I have been through hundreds of diet programs. I lose the weight, then gain it back. The difference with Lisa is that she makes a connection with me. I am able to share what I need to in order to achieve my goals. When I want to give up, I am able to reach out to her and get the help to get back on track. Everyone needs some Lisa in their Life. Jatinder, Entrepeneur.

Without Lisa I wouldn’t be focussed on my personal long term goals, she has been there whenever I needed guidance.  Lisa helped guide my immediate decisions away from instant gratification to mindful decisions focussed on what is  important to me over time.  Lisa has been blessed with a holistic vision and can apply her wisdom and knowledge to any obstacle you are trying to change.  Lisa’s insight, passion and expertise are amazing, thank you for everything!, Rebecca, Education.

Sure I needed to lose a few pounds. But mostly I needed to have someone hold me accountable to the things I know make me the best person I can be – a meal and exercise plan, sleep, and daily meditations. I would start a program but quickly fall off. Lisa turned me into a “healthy robot” making sure I followed through with the habits that make me a high-performing individual. Mike, VP Sales