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About Lisa D. Roberts


I started my career at a Fortune 500 company where I was a very successful sales leader for 12 years. I started to burn out as I did not have the coping skills at that time to deal with the increasing pressure. I decided to leave and take a different direction. I left and became a certified business coach and excelled at my own sales training and business leadership coaching company for 3 years. I then spent 12 years in the health and wellness field working with many preventative health doctors, dieticians, naturopaths and weight loss programs. I have been able to use my sales and business development background to double and even triple sales for these organizations. I wanted to make sure I could provide the knowledge and expertise to my clients so I also became a nutritionist and fitness trainer. I studied a number of courses including mindfulness and meditation. I have helped hundreds of individuals be more productive and happy by helping them get healthy mentally, spriitually, and physically. I believe in overdelivering to the client and doing whatever it takes to support them in meeting their goals.